I am 

Sean Blythe Anaïs.





I started law school (Faculty of Law - University of Ottawa) in September 2015, shortly after finishing my PhD. Most of my doctoral research took place in Washington, D.C. and College Park, MD. My research focused on weapons R&D programs administered by the US Department of Defense. After earning my doctorate, I worked as a professor, author, and as Principal Investigator on an international research program that involved two years of fieldwork at decommissioned armaments factories and nuclear test sites.

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My research and training has focused mainly on the area of Constitutional Tort and §1983 litigation. Currently, my practice-focus is on personal injury and wrongful death claims connected to the negligence and deliberate indifference of private prison contractors and state correctional facilities, My legal training and prior education has prepared me to expand this focus to include complex medical malpractice and industrial class action litigation. I am privileged to work hard every day on behalf of individuals who have been hurt by the corrupt practices of corporate and industrial tortfeasors. Today, I am proud to work for The Calwell Practice, LC -  where I have been fortunate to learn from some of the best trial attorneys in the United States. Their work, and the contributions of the dedicated staff that makes it possible, is an everyday inspiration to me. 


My first book is called Disarming Intervention, and it was published by the University of British Columbia Press in 2015.  I published a number of peer-reviewed articles, chapters, and reviews based on my research in the area of security and socio-legal studies – single-authored pieces have appeared in Security Dialogue, The Canadian Journal of Sociology, and Critical Discourse Studies. My peer-reviewed journal articles address Ministerial Authorization and Canadian signals intelligence, Access to Information, weapons and war, and the legal administration of risk and regulation. Some of my work on security has also appeared in edited volumes - published by Duke University Press (Shoshanna Magnet, ed.) and Routledge (Mark Salter, ed.).


I have traveled all over the world taking pictures of decommissioned weapons and munitions factories dedicated to materiel production in wars spanning from WWI (West Virginia) to Vietnam (Maryland). My work in Cold War weapons sites includes two Nuclear Test and Training Ranges: Orford Ness, Suffolk - U.K. and the Nevada Nuclear Test Site, Nevada - U.S.A. 

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I live where my dog Joni Mitchell (pictured above) lives.